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Gratitude goes a long way. Spread the love with these appreciation labels such as Thank you, Happy Birthday, Handmade with Love and more. All the labels you see below are made with a semi-gloss paper material except for the two oval labels that say "Thank you For Your Order". One is made of a fluorescent paper and the other with a shiny silver foil paper. All the inks we use to print these with are eco-friendly.

The heart stickers are die cut to be specifically cut to the shape of a heart. If you would like to try a sample of any of the appreciation labels we offer below, just let us know and we would be glad to send one out. There are 500 of the same label on each roll. Now, we do put about 10 extra on the rolls to help with any specific projects which require an exact amount of stickers.

We do have some below called "From the Kitchen Of" and an area to write your name. We suggest using a sharpie pen or sharpie marker to write on with these. The reason is, the semi-gloss provides just enough gloss which does not work well with pencils or regular pens. But the sharpie's work great!

The adhesive is a standard permanent, however, these work well on fabric or clothing and will remove just fine without any residue left over. This is in case you wanted to apply one of these "Handmade with Love" stickers for example to a hand knit blanket. These will apply and remove just fine. Now on the flip side, you can apply these stickers to surfaces such as poly bags and they will adhere extremely tight.

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1 Inch Black and White Thank You Heart Stickers 1 Inch Black and White Thank You Heart Stickers

500 Thank You Heart Stickers

Price: $8.39
1.5" Round Blue Thank You Labels Thank You Labels

500 Stickers/Roll

Price: $13.29
Happy Birthday Stickers 1.5" Happy Birthday Stickers

500 Total Labels

Price: $14.39
Baked with Love Stickers 1.5" Baked with Love Stickers

500 Total Labels

Price: $14.39
Silver Thank You For Your Order Labels Silver Thank You For Your Order Labels

500 Total Labels
2" x 1" Oval Shape

Price: $14.39