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  • Standard Size Strips

    Clothing Size Strips for Shirts

    These clear size strip labels are made for folded shirts in a retail setting. They are 1.25 x 5" strip labels made to show the shirt size when the shirt is folded. We have a couple of different styles to choose from below.

    We have size labels on a clear bopp material which shows the clothing size in black text with a white rectangle background. This allows sizes to be seen on dark or light clothing but clear to show the shirt through the label.

    We also have colored coded size strips made from a gloss paper. Each size has a different color for easy view. Both the gloss paper and the clear bopp are made with apparel safe adhesive backpacking. This means garments will not be harmed when the label is peeled off.

    There are 125 size strips on each roll per size and are simple peel and apply. We do provide roll quantity discounts at checkout. Discounts include all of our labels we create. We ship daily. Let us know if we can help.

    Here is a video from one of our customers on how they apply size strips to their folded t shirts.