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Size Label Strips for Pants and Jeans

Clothing retailers know the importance of correctly labeling each and every pair of pants and jeans they sell. Size strips for pants are incredibly popular, but a lot of retailers have issues with these products. Some notice the ink leaks onto the clothing or the labels themselves just don't stay attached to the fabric. Our pant size sticker strips don't smear and feature a re-adjustable adhesive backing, eliminating past issues you may have faced with these stickers. These size stickers for jeans feature the appropriate labeling for men's, women's and children's clothes sizes.

All of these size stickers are made 100% on American soil, and our processes are always driven by efficiency. Even our custom products are created quickly and shipped out just as fast. We also aren't a middleman, so the prices you see here are among the lowest you'll be able to find online or offline.