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Shipping Label Stickers

Communication throughout the shipping process is a huge necessity. Shipping label stickers are the easiest way to make sure all products are transferred in the proper manner. We have packaging label stickers for just about every message, printed on various eye-catching colors.

Our eco-friendly ink is used on all of these stickers and the critical messages on these labels won't smear off. Although we carry just about every shipping label a company would need, we do realize some customers require custom stickers. If you'd like a custom quote for specific labels, fill out this quote form. We're happy to offer bulk solutions at competitive prices.

  • Fragile Labels

    Fragile Labels

    Choose from our 14 different fragile stickers and 5 sizes ranging from 2 x 4" to 6 x 4". Fragile stickers let the shipping and receiving departments know to be very careful while handling the package. The color of these are bright red and easy to see. Simply peel and apply these fragile handle with care labels to boxes.

    There are 500 stickers on each roll. We do add a few extra as well. You can hand apply or use a label applicator as these rolls have a 3" middle core.

    We create these using a semi gloss paper with a permanent adhesive. These stick very well. We are the manufacturer and have these in stock, ready to ship. We also provide roll quantity discounts at checkout. Let us know if we can help.

    Here is a little video on customers using our warehouse labels.

  • Package/Mailing Seals

    Mailing Sticker Seals

    Security and privacy are huge priorities for every individual and company. Using tamper-proof seal stickers to secure your mail is crucial. We carry both clear and translucent mailing seals of all sizes, some as small as a penny.

    These round clear mailing seals are a small product that can have a huge impact on security. All of these tamper-proof seal stickers we sell are sold in quantities of 500 for prices that you won't find anywhere else. We even offer bulk order options for these round mailing seals, so give us a call if there's a large custom order you'd like to have fulfilled.

    Every clear mailing sticker and any other product we ship goes through a careful creation process to ensure absolute top-notch quality. Our American-based facilities are known for shipping orders smoothly right to your doorstep when you need them.
  • Air Specialty Labels

    Air Specialty Labels

    Our air specialty labels are designed in accordance with I.A.T.A. regulations. They also comply with D.O.T. and I.C.A.O. These airplane shipping stickers are used for the warning of dangerous goods which are transported by airplane. They would be applied to packages and boxes in cargo to warn of things such as exploding lithium batteries, damaged goods or to show the correct direction of goods.

    Our air specialty stickers have a standard permanent adhesive which adheres to corrugated boxes, metal, plastic and rubber. There are 500 stickers on each roll per design. We do add a few extra to each roll to help out with specific projects requiring an exact amount.

    We use environmentally friendly water based inks for print. Our labels are made right here in the U.S.A. and shipped the same day if ordered before 1:00 PM M-F. Let us know if we can help in anyway.

    Free ground shipping within the United States on orders $75.00 or more. Quantity discounts for 4 or more rolls (can mix and match any labels we offer).