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Folded Shirt Size Strip Stickers

Look no further. We stock more pre-printed clothing size strip labels than anyone else in the United States. The great thing is that we require no minimum order. You can order as few as one roll of size strips and we will ship them out right away.

When operating a clothing retail store, airport gift shop, pop up shops, or promotional t-shirt sales, you need three things. 1. Nice neat display of folded t-shirts. 2. Nice size strips that get the customers attention fast. 3. Size labels that will not harm the apparel when the size sticker is removed.

We have you covered for 2 out of the 3 items mentioned above. We can provide you with the nice looking size stickers but you will have to fold your shirts and display them the correct way. Our labels are made of an apparel safe adhesive backing. This means that they can adhere to most garments with strong re-adjustable adhesion. When your customer removes the size label from the t-shirt, there will not be any leftover residue, nor harm the screen print or design on the shirt.

We have sizes from XX-Small through 5XL with our standard clear size strip labels. We also have a modern clear style that shows the size going down the label in black, then white and repeats itself. We then have color-coded size labels that really get the attention and awesome for fun laid back apparel stores. We also have brown natural kraft labels that show shirt sizes. These are good for more outdoor, rugged or even elegant type of t-shirts. We sell a lot of these to more southern charm type of stores. Then we have the 3/4" inch strips. They are in case you prefer to show more t-shirt and less label.

Choose a category below or use our facet system on the left-hand side to narrow your search.

Why us?

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  • We ship the same day you order (before 1:00 PM MST M-F).
  • Free ground shipping within the United States on orders $50.00 or more.
  • Automatic quantity discounts for roll orders five or more
  • No minimum order requirement
  • Wonderful customer service (need a free sample? Let us know.)
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  • 1.25 x 5" Standard Clear Style

    Clear Size Strip Labels for Folded Shirts

    These are our 1.25" x 5" standard clear size labels for folded shirts. By the term "standard clear" we mean that the clear stickers have a white rectangle shape that stretched across the clothing sizes. These will be the standard looking size strips that you find in most retail clothing stores or places that sell t-shirts.

    We say that but don't get us wrong, our size strip labels are different than others as we use apparel safe adhesive backing and eco-friendly ink for the print. We sell to thousands of customers across the globe and we are glad to say that our size labels are making a huge difference in retail stores from small to large. If you would like to test out our clear size labels, just let us know and we will be glad to mail you a sample to try (no charge).

    You can choose from a category below to see all the 1.25" x 5" standard shirt size labels we offer. You can choose from our basic standard which ranges from XXS through 5X as well as "short and long sleeve". The next category is men's and women's color-coded maroon and blue. They say for example "men's small" in blue and "women's small" in maroon. The third category is baby size strip labels which are from sizes 0-3 months to 24 months. Lastly, the fourth category is toddler which has 1T through 12T.

    You should also check out our new line of brown kraft size strips for shirts.

    Why us?

    • Eco-friendly Print
    • Ultra-Clear Bopp Material
    • Apparel Safe Adhesive
    • Quantity Discounts for five Rolls or More.
    • Same Day Ship (If order placed before 1:00 PM MST M-F)
    • Free Ground Shipping within US for orders $75.00 or more.
    • We are the Manufacturer. Made in the U.S.A.

  • 1.25 x 5" Modern Clear Style

    Modern Clear Clothing Size Strips

    These are modern style clothing size strips which are 1.25 x 5". We have sizes XX-Small though 4X (below). We call them "modern" because they are a little different from the standard size strip labels. They are made from the same material being clear bopp. These modern clear clothing size stickers have more clear space which allows more of the shirt to show through.

    For example, the shirt size will say "Medium" in white text then underneath will say "Medium" in black text. If the shirt is black, only the white text will show up. If the shirt is white or light colored, only the black text will show up. We have found that these modern clear clothing size stickers have become a fan favorite with our customers.

    There are 125 size strips on a roll per size. We use an apparel safe adhesive. This means no damage will occur when removing from the apparel. We also use environmental friendly print for the black and white text.

    We do provide quantity roll discounts which can be seen at checkout. We ship daily, let us know if we can help.

    Here is an example of how one of our customers uses these size strips.

  • 1.25 x 5" Color Coded Style

    Color Coding Size Strips for Retail Folded Shirts

  • 1.25 x 5" Brown Kraft Style

    Natural Brown Kraft Size Strip Labels for Shirts

    Natural brown kraft clothing size labels are perfect for t-shirts and sweatshirts in a retail clothing store. We use a real kraft paper material with apparel safe adhesive backing. This means these kraft clothing size stickers can be re-adjusted and removed with no harm down to the garments. For the black print, we use eco-friendly ink.

    Of course, we have clear and color-coded size strips as well, but we have had great demand for a little different look. We have clothing stores that sell clothing made from organic materials as well as more rugged outdoor apparel shops. Using this natural brown kraft gives the apparel that you sell in your stores a classy and modern look.

    These kraft clothing size stickers are used for shirts that are folded on racks or shelves. This way customers can locate the size they need without having to unfold the clothes. We do have round brown kraft size labels too if needed. They are also made with an apparel safe adhesive.

    The brown kraft clothing size labels measure at 1.25 x 5 inches. They show the shirt size going down the wrap around label ten times. We have sizes XS through XX-Large as well as infant and toddler sizes ranging from 0-3 months to 10T. If there is a custom size you need, fill out our custom quote form and we would be glad to get pricing to you. It typically takes us 24-48 hours to custom make size stickers with quantities 10,000 or less.

    We put 125 size labels on each roll. We do add a few extra to the roll as well in case you need backups.

    • We are the manufacturer.
    • Same day ship ithe f order is placed before 1:00 PM M-F.
    • Free ground shipping within United States for orders $50.00 or more.
    • Quantity discounts for roll orders five or more.
  • 3/4 x 4" Standard Clear Style

    3/4" x 4" Inch Clear Size Strips for Retail Shirts

    We have thin clear size stickers for clothing that measures 3/4 x 4 inches. Not everyone loves the wider look so we created these to help out a bit. They are made with ultra clear Bopp material and has the same apparel safe adhesive backing. They work well on folded t-shirts, sweatshirts and tops, as well as clothing, hung up on racks.

    We have five categories for you to choose from which include standard sizes from XS through 4X, men's and women's sizes that are color coded as well as girls and boys color coded. Also youth and children sizes.

    The garment size will show on this size sticker for clothing several times in a little round circle that will either be white or color coded. The ink we use on these clear clothing size stickers is eco-friendly and firmly established so no worries about the print being rubbed off. If you would like to test these out, let us know and we will be glad to mail you a few samples.

    These thin clothing size strips give your retail store a classy look on the shirts you sell. They do not take up much room on the apparel to give more attention to the actual products you are selling. Also, the 4 inch length is perfect for most folded shirts. If you need these to be a bit longer, we do have some 3/4 x 6 inch size stickers.

    There are 200 clear clothing size strip stickers on a roll. We do add a few extra as well. You can hand apply directly to the garment with the peel and stick method or you can place these in an automatic label applicator for larger jobs. If by label applicator, get with us about the exact roll specs so you can see if they will fit the applicator gun you have.

    Why us?

    • Eco-friendly Print
    • Ultra-Clear Bopp Material
    • Apparel Safe Adhesive
    • Quantity Discounts for five Rolls or More.
    • Same Day Ship (If order placed before 1:00 PM MST M-F)
    • Free Ground Shipping within US for orders $75.00 or more.
    • We are the Manufacturer. Made in the U.S.A.
  • 3/4 x 6" Modern Clear Style

    3/4 x 6 Inch Clear Modern Size Strips

    Ultra clear size strips that have 6 inches in length. These size labels are good for folded apparel that might be a bit thick such as sweatshirts, sweaters etc. This helps make sure the size of the apparel is seen when stacked and folded. These are our modern clear style which means a couple of things. 1. They are thin (3/4" of an inch wide) which puts more emphasis on the actual apparel and not so much the sticker and 2. The clothing sizes alternates black then white going down the strip.

    We call this modern because many stores are going for this style. You can apply these on black or white clothing and the size is visible no matter what. Not only that but the design is classy, does not take up much room and just looks good on all apparel. Want to hear the best part? These have an apparel safe adhesive backing which means the actual shirt will not be harmed when the label is removed. The material is an ultra clear polypropylene and gives a crisp clear look when on any clothing.

    We have sizes XXS through 4X as well as youth sizes from YS through YXL. Each roll has 200 size strips but we do add a few extra as well. The ink we use for the print is a water based eco-friendly print. No worries, the ink is dry and will not smear even if water gets on them. We would be glad to mail you a sample, just let us know if you would like to test these out. We do have 3/4 x 4 inch size strips if needed.

    Why us:

    • Eco-friendly Print
    • Ultra-Clear Bopp Material
    • Apparel Safe Adhesive
    • Quantity Discounts for five Rolls or More.
    • Same Day Ship (If order placed before 1:00 PM MST M-F)
    • Free Ground Shipping within US for orders $75.00 or more.
    • We are the Manufacturer. Made in the U.S.A