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Folded Shirt Size Strip Stickers

Folded shirt size stickers and other clothing size strips are something that, once you've used them, you wonder how you ever got along without them. Primarily used as size stickers for folded shirts in a retail environment, they provide instant recognition for both you and your customers of what sizes are available on your shelves. These folded shirt size labels are also handy for sticking onto plastic bags used for shipping items to your customers. We produce numerous selections for different types of adhesive labels for folded shirts, including standard and modern clear styles, each available in a choice of widths and lengths. We also offer color-coded size labels for shirts, sold either individually or in bulk packs, youth size stickers and brown kraft style size stickers.

  • 1.25 x 5" Modern Clear Style

    Modern Clear Clothing Size Strips

    These are modern style clothing size strips which are 1.25 x 5". We have sizes XX-Small though 4X (below). We call them "modern" because they are a little different from the standard size strip labels. They are made from the same material being clear bopp. These size stickers have more clear space which allows more of the shirt to show through.

    For example, the shirt size will say "Medium" in white text then underneath will say "Medium" in black text. If the shirt is black, only the white text will show up. If the shirt is white or light colored, only the black text will show up. We have found that these size labels have become a fan favorite with our customers.

    There are 125 size strips on a roll per size. We use an apparel safe adhesive. This means no damage will occur when removing from the apparel. We also use environmental friendly print for the black and white text.

    We do provide quantity roll discounts which can be seen at checkout. We ship daily, let us know if we can help.

    Here is an example of how one of our customers uses these size strips.