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Dissolvable Food Labels

Use food rotation dissolvable labels for food expiration in restaurants, kitchens and school cafeterias. The adhesive dissolvable stickers are color coded and made easy to see. You are able to write on these using a regular pen or a sharpie to fill in such things as when to pull, thaw, discard, exact date, prep date, employee initials or when to use by.

The great thing about food rotation labels that dissolve is that they are perfect for the environment and will not leave a sticky leftover residue. This even means no left over bacteria from old residue. No more using fingernails to scrape off the sticker or damaging bins with a knife.

Simply place bin or pan in a dishwasher. You can also run under cold or hot water for 30 seconds and lightly scrub as the label disappears. Take a look at our video on this page to see an example of how they work.

Again, we color code each dissolvable sticker so that there is no confusion. This is especially helpful for day of the week labels, Sunday through Saturday. These day of the week dissolvable labels will show day in English and Spanish.

We have 1.5 inch through 2 x 3 inch in regards to size. Choose a category below to see the list of all in it's particular size. We are the manufacturer, so no middle man prices here. We keep low prices and ship the same day you order (if placed before 1:00 PM Mountain Standard Time).

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  • 1.5 Inch Dissolvable

    Dissolvable Day of The Week Labels

    Dissolvable day of the week labels for restaurants, kitchens and anywhere food is stored. Simply place these adhesive stickers on metal, plastic, glass or rubber containers. When time to remove, simply place the container in the dishwasher and the sticker dissolves and disappears. You can also hold the pan under cold or warm water and lightly scrub for 30 seconds (check out the video below). No bacteria to worry about because there is no left over residue. This is also great for the environment.

    These day of the week labels show the day in English and in Spanish. Each color coded to the specific day with bright easy to see colors. We also use eco-friendly water based inks to print these colors.

    The size of the sticker is 1.5 inches. This is a special shape of a triangle. They are very easy to peel from the roll because of the shape. They are easy to apply to any surface and have a strong hold (adhesive).

    Use a pen or sharpie to write on these. Write employees initials, numbers, letters or exact date for expiration, etc. We also have one with ready to go print which says Use First (in English and Spanish).

    We are the manufacturer and have these ready for immediate shipment. We ship same day if order is placed before 1:00 MST M-F. Also, make sure to take advantage of our quantity discount program. Add any rolls of labels to your cart and see what you save at checkout. Free shipping within the continental United States if order is $50.00 or more. Let us know if we can answer any questions.