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Star Shaped Happy Face Stickers

Choose from 6 different colors and 2 sizes. These happy face star stickers are ready to make any child smile. Who doesn't love a reward? You can put these on award charts, t shirts, bags or even use for crafts and party favors. We selected to print some of our most popular colors and materials. We have some on semi gloss, shiny foil and fluorescent stock.

We make these labels right here in the United States. We work fast at shipping your order. We provide quantity discounts for multiple rolls. These can be of any labels that we sell online. Just add them to your cart and see how much you save. Let us know if you have any questions. Lastly, we do have blank colored stars if you don't need the smile on them.
  • 3/4" Inch Smiley Stars

    3/4" Star Smiley Face Stickers

    These are sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Currently we have 5 different colors of smiley face star stickers. We have gold, silver, fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink and shiny purple. Perfect for birthday party favors or decorations. Teachers use them to award students with good grades. Parents use them to award kids for chores and good behavior around the house.

    We put 500 of these on a roll. They are easy to peel and apply to most surfaces including t shirts. They remove without harming the apparel. They also go well on award charts, walls or really anywhere you can think of.

    The size is 3/4" or 0.75" of an inch in a star shape. To give you an idea, they are the size of a U.S. penny. We do have larger 1" inch smiley stars if needed. You can also mix and match any of our rolls of labels to receive a quantity discount at checkout. The discount will show up at checkout.

    We are the manufacturer and have these in stock, ready to ship. Free ground shipping within the United States for orders $75.00 or more.
  • 1" Inch Smiley Stars

    1" Star Smiley Face Labels

    Calling all teachers and moms. If you are trying to reward your students or kids with star stickers, look no further. Stars with smiley faces on them are the way to go. This is our largest size which is 1" inch in the die cut shape of a star. We do have smaller 3/4" stars if needed.

    These are made with a strong adhesive that allows them to adhere to most any surface. They are also made with an apparel friendly adhesive that will stick well to t shirts and other clothing without harming the shirts when removed.

    We have 6 different colors below, which are yellow semi gloss, silver foil, gold foil, fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink and shiny purple foil. We put a lot of stickers on each roll. There are 1,000 but technically more like 1,020 because we add a little more.

    We are the manufacture and proud to say these are made in the U.S.A. We keep these stocked on our shelves, ready to ship. If you order before 1:00 PM MST Monday through Friday, we will ship the same day. Let us know if we can answer any questions.