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retail store labels

For retail stores selling all types of products, DYI crafters handing out homemade gifts and small businesses, we have retail labels to fit your needs. We make all of our retail stickers here at our U.S. facility, using the best materials like semigloss paper, fluorescent matte, shiny foil and natural brown kraft paper. These labels have a an adhesive that is apparel friendly for more sensitive materials. There are 1,000 retail stickers per 1/2-inch and 1-inch roll. Other sized rolls contain 500 sticker labels.

For schools, teachers and parents, we have various sizes and colors of smiley face, star and heart stickers that any child will enjoy. Use these for grading papers, behavior charts and even party favors. Be sure to check out our fun and playful stickers today!

We create and manufacture our retail labels right here in the USA. If you order Monday through Friday, we ship the same day as long as the order is placed before 1 p.m. MST. Remember, we offer free ground shipping within the United States on orders of $75.00 or more.

  • Arrow Stickers

    Arrow Stickers

    We have many 15 different colors of arrow stickers including fluorescent, semi gloss, metallic foil and transparent materials. These arrow labels are perfect for many projects including the streamlining of warehouse inventory, pallet protection, shipping boxes, school teacher projects and much more.

    If you have an office that requires signed paperwork and contracts, we now have transparent color coding arrows. Choose from thick or thin arrows. These are neat because they do not cover up important information all while pointing out where to sign. Don't worry about tearing papers. The see through arrows will remove or re-adjust as needed.

    Let us know if you need to test out a sample. We would be glad to send one out. We are the manufacturer and keep these in stock, ready to ship. We ship orders out the same day if placed before 1:00 PM Monday through Friday. We can ship free within the United States if order is $75.00 or more. Also, make sure to take advantage of our quantity discounts. Order five or more rolls of any labels we offer and see how much you save at checkout.
  • Sale Stickers

    Sale Stickers

    Sale and promotional labels are necessary for retail stores. We have many pre-printed stickers here to choose from. These all have a standard permanent adhesive which means they are strong and will hold up well. The larger they are, the stronger they stick. They are made with an apparel safe adhesive so applying to fabric or clothing is ok to do.

    The % off stickers are 3/4" of an inch round. This is the size of a penny which is the perfect size. We have these color coded or black and white. All of these sale labels come 500 to a roll. Very easy to remove and apply.

    We are the manufacturer and keep these in stock, ready to ship. We also provide quantity discounts for all of our labels at checkout. The more you order, the larger discount you receive.

    You also might be interested in our price point stickers which are from .$.99 to $9.99. Let us know if you have any questions.
  • Thank You Labels

    Thank You Sticker Labels

    “Thank you,” no matter how you say it, is proper and pleasing to hear, no matter what language you're using. When it comes to thank you stickers and thank you labels, we've got a ton of them and in a number of languages including, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and, of course, English.

    Our thank you sticker rolls consist of 500 stickers each, but you can also get bulk thank you stickers with a total of 1500 stickers per pack.

    Whether you select merci and gracias stickers or generic round thank you stickers, those simple words of appreciation say something special. You'll also find smiley face “Thank you for your order” stickers, a simple “Thanks!” and “A Gift for You” brown kraft stickers with a heart graphic.

    • We are the manufacturer.
    • Same day ship if ordered before 1:00 PM MST
    • Free shipping within the United States on order $75.00 or more.
    • Quantity discounts for orders of rolls five or more.

  • Price Stickers

    Price Stickers

    Retail price stickers from .99 cents to $9.99. These are 1.5" round adhesive price labels that show the dollar amount in black print on a your choice, semi gloss yellow, fluorescent red or fluorescent green background. Very easy to see for your customers.

    You can place these on everything from product packaging to retail store fixture shelves and even on clothing. We use an apparel friendly adhesive so they will not harm clothing when removed, however, these stick really well to solid surfaces. This is a strong adhesive meant to stay on well for any retail situation.

    The labels are bright and easy to see, especially our fluorescent colors. They are made with a true fluorescent paper. We use an eco-friendly black ink for the print.

    There are 500 of each price point on a roll. They are easy to peel and apply by hand. You can also use an automatic label gun to apply these. We do not provide label applicators but you would just need to find one that will allow a 1" middle core and 2.75" OD (outside diameter).

    We create these price labels here in the United States. We have them ready for immediate delivery. Place your order before 1:00 PM Monday through Friday and we will ship the same day. You can mix and match any of our labels to receive quantity price breaks.

    We also have sale stickers for retail stores as well. Let us know if we can help with anything.

  • Tester/Try Me Stickers

    Try Me & Tester Product Stickers

    Try me stickers and retail product tester stickers are especially appropriate for items on the cosmetics counter where you want to invite a customer to sample a product, say a spray bottle of perfume. Try me labels can also be used to mark containers in a grocery store offering free samples of cheese, dips, etc.

    Cosmetic try me tester stickers come in a variety of sizes, with the smallest retail tester stickers being 1/2” in diameter. These can be used for smaller items such as lipsticks. They come in clear, white, gold, silver and ultra-clear, with your choice of either “tester” or “try me” written in black, eco-friendly ink.

    We also have a 3/4 inch round size. This would be equal to the size of a penny. If you need a sample to test these out, just
    let us know and we would be glad to mail a couple.

  • Medication Labels

    Medication & Rx Warning Stickers

    Rx stickers have a place in every pharmacy for use as prescription warning labels to help patients have a clear and easy-to-read indication regarding their medications. Some of the more commonly used medication warning labels include “Caution: May Cause Drowsiness” and “Do Not Take With Alcohol.” Other medication stickers refer to “Use By” dates and “Shake Well Before Using.”

    Prescription stickers can also help patients understand medication schedules, with AM or PM warning labels reminding them what time of day they should be taking certain medications. Our pharmacy stickers are 1.5” x 0.5” rectangles that are brightly colored and printed with eco-friendly ink. They come 500 stickers per roll and are easy to peel and apply to vials and bottles. Check out the discounted bulk package.

    • We are the manufacturer.
    • Same day ship (if order placed before 1:00 MST M-F).
    • Free ground shipping within the United States on orders $75.00 or more.
    • Automatic quantity discounts for rolls five or more (can mix and match)

  • Misc Retail Labels

    Miscellaneous Labels and Stickers

    On this page you will find everything from jewelry price tag stickers to best seller stickers for books. We keep a huge selection of pre-printed stickers and labels in stock, ready to ship for immediate delivery. We will continue to add more and more labels to this page, so make sure to check in from time to time for updates.

    We use a standard permanent adhesive and an eco-friendly water based ink for our print process. All stickers that we carry have 500 labels on each roll with the exception of our 1/2" inch labels. Those have 1,000 per roll. We do have a secret; we add about 10-20 extra stickers to each roll to help out a bit with special projects which require an exact amount.

    We are the manufacturer and ship the same day you order. This is if the order is placed before 1:00 PM MST Monday through Friday. Also, make sure to take advantage of our quantity price breaks. You will save money on orders of five rolls or more. This is a mix and match of any of the stickers we offer on our website. Please let us know if we can help in any way. If you do not see what you need our site, we can
    custom create
    them for you.