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Organizing Labels

Need to get organized? We have organization stickers that are made to help you do just that. We have garage sale stickers, alphabet labels, moving labels and storage labels. All of these come on sheets and are easy to peel and apply. We color code these to make them easy to see for quick decision making.

We have 5.25" x 11.75" sheets of colored stickers for moving that come 10 to a pack. This is 140 total color coding moving labels that will provide specific details on which room your movers need to place boxes. This includes such rooms like bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms etc. There is even one for your fragile items. They are 1" x 4" rectangle shaped.

If you are doing a little spring cleaning then the storage labels are what you need for sure. These will allow you to place color coded item specific stickers on bins, corrugated boxes and envelopes. Go ahead and minimize and store items such as holiday decorations, shoes, toys, books and clothing.

Having garage sale? We provide a 6 pack mix of bright fluorescent colors for specific price points. Place these on pretty much anything (maybe not antiques) including clothing. Garage sale price stickers from .25 cents all the way up to $20.00 as well as "write your own price". You receive 336 total stickers in a pack.

Need to keep up with important events? We have great calendar stickers which are color coded and shows icons for quick visual reminders. There are 10 sheets which have a total of 1,140 small peel and stick labels.

White and Black Alphabet Stickers on Sheets White and Black Alphabet Stickers on Sheets

White/Black Alphabet Stickers
6 Sheet | 336 Total Labels

Price: $5.49
Home Moving Labels - Stickers for Packing Home Moving Labels for Packing

140 Color Coding Moving Stickers
14 Per Sheet - 10 Sheets Per Pack

Price: $8.89
Storage Labels - Organizing Stickers Storage Labels

140 Color Coding Storage Labels
14 Per Sheet - 10 Sheets Per Pack

Price: $8.89
Garage Sale Stickers Garage Sale Stickers

336 Garage Sale Labels
56 Per Sheet - 6 Sheets Per Pack

Price: $5.49
Calendar Event Reminder Stickers Calendar Stickers

1,140 Calendar Stickers
114 Per Sheet - 10 Sheets Per Pack

Price: $8.89