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Large 4 Inch Round Color Coding Labels

Large color coding 4 inches round labels. This is measured in diameter. We currently have seven semi gloss colors and five fluorescent colors. Each roll has 500 large circle stickers. We do however add about 10 extra per roll. This is to help with any special projects that require an exact mount with no mess ups.

For semi gloss, we have red, white, blue, yellow, green, orange and black. These large circle stickers are paper labels that have a very slight gloss and a permanent back adhesive. The adhesive is strong and can be used in freezer storage as these are made with cold temp adhesive. You can write on these using a sharpie marker as a regular pen will not work. You can also stamp these if needed. We use an environmentally friendly water based ink for the print.

For our 4 inch round fluorescent color coding labels, they are made of a matte paper which is fluorescent in color. These are universal fluorescent colors used by printers around the world. We have fluorescent orange, red, green, yellow and pink. These do not glow in the dark but they are bright and easy to see from long distances. They make for great neon colored stickers.

We do have other sizes to choose from. We have everything from small 1/2 inch to these 5 inch round labels. Let us know if we can answer any questions.