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Looking for a simple cardboard label dispenser box? These are not only simple, they are space saving and cost efficient. These lightweight sticker dispensers are collapsible and are very easy to fold up. This is perfect for storage purposes.

We currently have three dispensers to choose from below. Make sure to read the description but these will hold from our small 1/2" inch sticker rolls and up to our 2" inch labels.
Simply place a roll of labels into the dispenser, pull the roll through the slit, close the top and you are ready to go. Pull as many labels out as needed and peel the sticker by hand from the liner.

These sticker roll dispensers are great for school teachers to place on their desk to place smiley face stickers on graded papers, warehouses to place warning labels on shipping boxes or retail clothing stores to apply size stickers to folded apparel.

We make these in house and ship the same day ordered (before 1:00 PM MST M-F). These sticker dispensers work specifically for our labels, however, they might works for labels you already have from another supplier. Make sure to check out the specifications in the descriptions below.

We do provide quantity discounts for orders five or more. This means either 5 boxes, 3 rolls of any labels and two boxes etc. The more of any single item you purchase from us starting at five (can mix and match) then you would receive a discount at checkout. Please let us know if we can answer any questions.

Label Dispenser box for one roll. Label Dispenser Box ISL1

ISL1 - Holds 1 Roll
See Description for Specific Details

Price: $4.99
Label Dispenser box for three rolls. Label Dispenser Box ISL3 | 3 Roll

ISL3 - Holds 3 Rolls
See Description For Specific Details

Price: $4.99
Label Dispenser box for seven rolls. Label Dispenser Box ISL7 | Seven Roll

ISL7 - Holds 7 Rolls
See Description for Specific Details

Price: $4.99