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I Voted Stickers

Need "I Voted" stickers? We have you covered. These adhesive labels can be seen by others as a symbol of civic pride. They can also encourage others to get out and vote. Some counties mail these out to voters and some pass them out at the voting booth. Our voting stickers fly off of our shelves and we are told that voters rush to the table to get their "badge of honor" right away.

We have also been told that older voters are especially fond of voting stickers, but the youth is catching up fast. Social media has given all voters a platform to show their patriotic pride. There are now more hashtags than one can keep up with.

Choose from several designs and sizes of our "I Voted" stickers for sale below. You can add several rolls to your cart and receive a quantity discount at checkout. We offer free ground shipping within the continental United States on orders $50.00 or more. Order before 1:00 MST M-F and we will ship the same day. Let us know if we can answer any questions.

  • I Voted Western States

    I Voted Stickers Western States

    Voting stickers for western States. These labels are 2.5" inches in diameter and are made with clothing safe back adhesive. They are perfect to place on shirts, backpacks, laptops and more, to show that you voted in your State.

    There are 500 per roll and easy to peel and apply. You can easily tear the liner between the state "I Voted" stickers to hand out to voters at poll stations. These are colorful and made with eco-friendly ink for print. The States below are all of the western States such as California, New Mexico and Oregon. If you would like a sample, just let us know and we will mail one to you.

    We make these "I Voted Stickers" for Western States right here in the United States and ship right away. We do have other States to choose from.

    Midwest States | Southern States | Eastern States
  • I Voted Midwestern States

    I Voted Stickers Midwestern States

    Time to vote in your Midwestern State? Get out and vote then place one of these "I Voted" stickers on your shirt to show pride. The voting labels below are of the Midwestern States such as Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa.

    We create these state voting labels using a semi gloss paper and an eco-friendly ink for print. The back has a self adhesive that is clothing safe and will peel off easy when needed. They will also stick well to other flat surfaces or backpacks etc.

    There are 500 of these on each roll. We do add a few extra as well. Simply peel from the roll and apply. The liner is made to easily tear by hand if you wanted to tear one and hand out to voters as they leave the voting booth.

    We create these Midwestern State voting stickers in house and ship directly from our facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Yes, these are made in the U.S.A. and ship right away. We do have other States to choose from such as:

    Western States | Southern States |
    Eastern States
  • I Voted Southern States

    I Voted Stickers Southern States

    I Voted in the South! Let everyone know by getting some voting stickers to wear on your shirt, place on your laptop or as envelope seals. These round labels say "I Voted in", and then your State such as Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. These are all the southern States below.

    There are 500 on each roll and they are simple to tear between the liner and hand out. The adhesive is clothing safe and will not harm shirts when removed. The material is made of a semi gloss paper and has eco-friendly ink for the print. The best part? These are made by us right here in the great U.S.A.

    If you are a voting station, these are perfect to have on hand to pass out to your voters as they arrive. There is a since of pride (especially in the south) of voting during election time. Everyone wants their voice heard and what better way to tell others to get out there and vote as well.

    We also have: Western States | Midwestern States |
    Eastern States
  • I Voted Eastern States

    I Voted Stickers Eastern States

    I Voted labels for Eastern States such as New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. These are voting stickers used by polling stations and voting booths in order to pass out to voters as they arrive.

    These are 2.5" inches round and are easy to peel and apply. The liner between the stickers is made to easily tear so that you can tear then hand out. These are semi gloss paper labels with eco-friendly ink for print as well as clothing safe back adhesive. This means they will not harm apparel wen removed. You are also able to apply them to packages, envelopes (as seals) and much more.

    There are 500 voting stickers on each roll but we do add a few extra to help out. We make these here in the United States and ship them the same day you order (by 1:00 PM MST M-F). We keep them in stock, on our shelves. Need a custom label? We can do that too, just let us know.

    We also have: Western States | Midwestern States |
    Southern states