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Garage Sale Stickers
Garage Sale Stickers

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  • 336 Price Point Stickers
  • 3 Fluorescent Colors: Pink, Yellow and Orange (two sheets per color)
  • 3/4" Inch Round Labels
  • Write Your Own Price Too
  • Comes on Sheets (easy to peel and apply)
  • Perfect Adhesive
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Great for Garage Sale and Yard Sales
Price: $5.49

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Having a garage sale can be stressful but rewarding if set up correctly. We have created some attention getting garage and yard sale price point stickers. These come on a sheet which are 3 different fluorescent bright neon colors. These colors are orange, pink and yellow.

These prices are some of the most popular to use in a garage sale. There are 9 specific ones that range from 25 cents all the way up to $20.00. There is also one that you are able to write your own price. There is also one that says “make offer”.

These are the perfect size which measure at ¾” of an inch round (or 0.75” inches in diameter). To give you an idea, these are the exact size of a penny. Simply peel and apply by hand from the sheet they come on. The sheets are 4.5” x 12” and you will receive 2 sheets of each color. Each sheet has 56 stickers. This means that you will receive 336 price stickers in this garage sale pack.

You are able to write on these using a pen, pencil or sharpie. The fluorescent matte paper material is easy to write on, so you will have no problem.

The adhesive is good for most any surface from wood, plastic, rubber, glass or for fabrics such as t shirts, sweaters etc. We make these here in the United States and have them on our shelves ready to ship on immediate order. Let us know if we can answer any questions.


Quick Reference Specs:

* 3 Bright Colors: These garage sale price stickers are very easy to see at quick glance. The material we use to print these sheets/labels is a true fluorescent matte paper. There are 3 colors in this pack which are fluorescent pink, fluorescent orange and fluorescent yellow. These are all considered to be a bright neon which gets attention. However, they are not glow in the dark.

* 9 Price Amounts: There are 9 different price points in this pack. There is also labels where you write in your own price point and then one that says “make offer”. These are the most common garage or yard sale prices (between .25 cents and $20 dollars). For larger more expensive items, just write in the price. The prices are very easy to see on these bright stickers.

*Multi-Purpose Adhesive: The adhesive on the back of these price stickers are good for most any surface. The adhesive is considered to be strong enough to stick to items, but will remove without harming any of the goods. The only exception to this is is you were to place these on paper as they might be a little tougher to remove. Other than that, there remove great from everything from wood to clothing.

* Size of a Penny: The perfect size for price stickers. These measure at ¾” of an inch in diameter (0.75” inch round) which is the size of a U.S. penny. You can write on these using a pen, pencil or sharpie. These labels come on sheets that are 4.5” x 12”. You will receive 336 total stickers (56 on each sheet in which you will receive 2 sheets of each color.

* Made in the USA: We make these here in our facility in the United States. If you are not happy with these for any reason, let us know and we will make sure to correct the problem and or provide your money back. We are sure you will find these to work well for you.

Garage Sale Stickers

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