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Food Rotation Labels

Food rotation date labels are important for the food industry. It's imperative that restaurants get these shipped to them fast. The inventory could have been wrong so you need these yesterday.

Here at InStockLabels, we understand the importance of fast shipping, quality food rotation date labels, low pricing and great customer service. We have these on our shelves, ready to pack and ship right away.

We have three different types of adhesive for our day labels for food to choose from, which are cold temp permanent, removable and dissolvable. The cold temp will withstand temps as low as negative 65 degrees Fahrenheit. These are great for freezer storage to color code inventory, place on day of the week bins etc.

Removable adhesive comes in seven different sizes. This type of day dot label for food is good for placing on glass or other surfaces where you plan on removing it when a specific date has expired. Simply remove with no residue left over.

Dissolvable is our newest type of food rotation label. Place one of these on metal, plastic or rubber bins and remove by either putting in the dishwasher or lightly scrubbing under warm or cold water for 30 seconds.

We are the manufacturer and ship from our warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have free ground shipping for orders $50.00 or more. You can also get quantity discounts for orders of four rolls or more. You are able to mix and match any labels that we offer to get the discount at checkout.

Let us know if we can answer any questions. Choose a category below to see all the labels for the specific adhesive.

  • Removable Adhesive

    Removable Food Rotation Labels

    We have six sizes to choose from for removable food rotation labels. These restaurant food label stickers are easy to place on most flat surfaces and can be removed and re-adjusted when needed. All this is done without leaving any leftover residue. This is great so bacteria does not form on pots, pans or bins used to store food.

    We use an eco-friendly water-based ink for print on semi-gloss paper for these removable food storage labels. Below, you will find categories for removable days of the week, use by, prep date, 5 day rotation and color coding day dots. Our day labels have the info in English and in Spanish. They are all brightly color-coded for quick reference.

    You are able to write on these restaurant food label stickers using a sharpie pen or sharpie marker. Write initials, exact dates and fill in important information for your restaurant/kitchen. We also have cold temp labels if you are looking for permanent adhesive freezer storage labels.

    We create these removable labels in house here at our Salt lake City, Utah facility. We keep these pre-printed and ready to ship.

  • Cold Temp Permanent Adhesive

    Cold Temp Permanent Food Labels

    We have four categories below to choose from in regards to our permanent adhesive food rotation labels. They are made with cold temp semi gloss paper, which means they can withstand cold temperatures down to negative 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

    We have solid color coding labels for food inventory, use by labels for specific 3 day and 5 day expiration dates and writable day of the week labels. Use these cold temp labels in freezer storage with no worries of them falling off.

    Place these refrigerated food labels on items such as containers, bins and corrugated boxes. They have a standard permanent adhesive and hold on strong. You can also write on these stickers using a sharpie.

    We have seven different sizes for color code labels as well as various sizes for food rotation. We can also create custom stickers. Let us know if we can help in anyway.

    We are the manufacturer and ship the same day you order. This is if orders are placed before 1:00 PM MST M-F. We do offer quantity discounts for orders of 4 rolls or more. You can mix and match any of the labels that we sell. Add to cart and see how much you can save.

  • Dissolvable

    Dissolvable Food Labels

    Use food rotation dissolvable labels for food expiration in restaurants, kitchens and school cafeterias. The adhesive dissolvable stickers are color coded and made easy to see. You are able to write on these using a regular pen or a sharpie to fill in such things as when to pull, thaw, discard, exact date, prep date, employee initials or when to use by.

    The great thing about food rotation labels that dissolve is that they are perfect for the environment and will not leave a sticky leftover residue. This even means no left over bacteria from old residue. No more using fingernails to scrape off the sticker or damaging bins with a knife.

    Simply place bin or pan in a dishwasher. You can also run under cold or hot water for 30 seconds and lightly scrub as the label disappears. Take a look at our video on this page to see an example of how they work.

    Again, we color code each dissolvable sticker so that there is no confusion. This is especially helpful for day of the week labels, Sunday through Saturday. These day of the week dissolvable labels will show day in English and Spanish.

    We have 1.5 inch through 2 x 3 inch in regards to size. Choose a category below to see the list of all in it's particular size. We are the manufacturer, so no middle man prices here. We keep low prices and ship the same day you order (if placed before 1:00 PM Mountain Standard Time).

    Free ground shipping within the continental United States on all orders $50.00 or more. Let us know if we can answer any questions. Make sure to check out our line of removable food labels.