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Common Use Labels

You have landed on the fun page! This is where you can find all kinds of hearts, smiley faces, stars, awareness ribbons, motivational labels and more. Since we are the manufacturer, we have been able to listen to customer needs. All the colors and sizes you see are based on hearing from our customers. All of our labels are made with an eco-friendly ink print. The materials are everything from semi-gloss, fluorescent, natural kraft and shiny metallic foil.

Most stickers in these categories include 500 per roll. The only exceptions are our small 1/2" star, smiley face and heart stickers. All colors of those half inch sizes come with 1,000 to a roll.

We can create custom stickers too! If you do not see what you are looking for in these categories, fill out our custom stickers quote form and we will get pricing back to you right away.

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  • Heart Stickers

    Heart Stickers

    We love our heart-shaped sticker rolls! There are so many appropriate places for heart-shaped labels, whether you're using them as love heart stickers to tell someone how much you care or simple heart labels with the message “packed with love” to let a customer know how much you value the quality of the product you're sending.

    We've got all kinds and colors of hearts, from the 1/2” sizes in fifteen colors (including some beautiful metallic hearts), the one-inch size that includes transparent pink and red hearts as well as brown kraft hearts, all the way up to the 1-1/2” rolls that feature many colors and special messages.

    You'll also find multi-colored heart-shaped stickers and bulk heart stickers in a 12-pack of 6000 hearts.

    • We are the manufacturer (saves you money).
    • Same day ship (if order placed before 1:00 MST M-F).
    • Free ground shipping within continental U.S.A for orders $50.00 or more.
    • Quantity discounts on roll orders five or more (can mix and match)

  • Star Stickers

    Star Sticker Rolls

    What child doesn't love getting a gold star on an especially well-done assignment? We've got just what you need in the colorful star stickers department – especially if you're an elementary school teacher and want something tangible to motivate your charges toward earning special recognition for a job well done.

    Star stickers can have that effect, and we've got gold star stickers, silver star stickers and bronze star stickers for the traditional first, second and third places. We've also got a dozen or so other colors, including beautiful metallic green, blue and red school star stickers. And we have some special star sticker rolls for teachers in this bulk stickers pack for teachers that includes stars, hearts and smiley faces which is 4,500 stickers in all. Also check out this 4th of July sticker pack!

  • Smiley Face Stickers

    Happy Smiley Face Stickers

    We have an absolutely fantastic selection of smiley face sticker rolls, including happy face stickers, not-so-happy face stickers, no emotion faces, funny face stickers, multi-colored smiley face stickers and more.

    Select from 1/2” and 3/4” smiley stickers, 1” and 2” smiley face labels, a collection of teaching happy smiley face labels and a nice selection of smiley face stickers bulk packs featuring 1,000, 1,500, 3,000 or 5,000 stickers per pack.

    There's no end to the amount of fun you can pass along with these great stickers, and you're sure to find some favorites among the group. Mostly sold in rolls of 500 stickers each, you can also get sheets that have 250 stickers each on them. Go wild! Emoji stickers are especially popular, as are the metallic colored and fluorescent faces.

    • We are the manufacturer.
    • Same day ship (if placed before 1:00 PM MST (M-F).
    • Free ground shipping within continental U.S.A for orders $50.00 or more.
    • Quantity discounts for orders five rolls or more (can mix and match).

  • Seasonal/Gift/Graduation Stickers

    One of our highest priorities is getting our orders shipped quickly and smoothly. Because we manufacture all of these products in-house at our location in Salt Lake City, UT, you're guaranteed to get the best bang for your buck.

    All of the seasonal sticker rolls and Christmas gift tags we ship are made in the United States, so product quality is unmatched. If you're looking for something a bit more custom, just reach out to us for a quote and we'll have your unique product created and shipped before you know it!

    You can see the shipping tab for more information and also the custom sticker order tab
    . Send us an email
    if you would like more information or just need help with something.

  • Awareness Ribbon Stickers

    Awareness Ribbon Stickers

    Our awareness ribbon stickers are great for showing support for your cause. They come special die cut in the shape of a ribbon and we flood-coat them with eco-friendly ink for the color. They are made with apparel friendly back adhesive so that you can re-adjust the sticker on your shirt as many times as needed. They will not harm your clothing.

    You are also able to place these on other surfaces such as laptops, backs of phones, backpacks, paper, boxes, plastic and much more. The awareness ribbons measure at 2 inches, which is a perfect size for shirts. We currently have 16 different colors which include semi gloss and shiny metallic foil. We also have some that say "Support Our Troops" in American flag, camo as well as gold foil.

    There are 500 colored ribbon stickers on each roll but we do add a few extra as well. Simply peel and apply from the roll.

    • We are the manufacturer.
    • Same day ship if placed before 1:00 PM MST M-F.
    • Free ground shipping in Continental United States for orders $50.00 or more.
    • Quantity discounts for 5 rolls or more (can mix and match)
  • Appreciation Stickers

    Appreciation and Thank You Stickers

    The smallest things go a big way. We have a large selection of gratitude and appreciation stickers used for crafts, parties, gift wrapping and even wedding invitation seals. You get a choice of natural brown kraft paper or semi gloss paper with fun colors (choose a category below). Examples of stickers we offer are birthday, save the date, from the kitchen and thank you sticker labels with hearts.

    Are you crafty? Next time you make something for a loved one, put a "handmade with love" stickers on the package.

    We use a high quality semi gloss and brown kraft paper along with environmentally friendly inks for print. We put 500 stickers on each roll but because we appreciate the business, we put an extra 20 or so on each roll. We are the manufacturer and are happy to print them right here in the USA.

    Free ground shipping within the continental USA for orders $50.00 or more. Also, mix and match various labels we sell and receive great quantity discounts at checkout. Let us know if we can help.

    If you place your order before 1:00 PM Monday through Friday, we will ship the same day you order.

  • Organizing Labels

    Organizing Labels

    Need to get organized? We have organization stickers that are made to help you do just that. We have garage sale stickers, alphabet labels, moving labels and storage labels. All of these come on sheets and are easy to peel and apply. We color code these to make them easy to see for quick decision making.

    We have 5.25" x 11.75" sheets of colored stickers for moving that come 10 to a pack. This is 140 total color coding moving labels that will provide specific details on which room your movers need to place boxes. This includes such rooms like bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms etc. There is even one for your fragile items. They are 1" x 4" rectangle shaped.

    If you are doing a little spring cleaning then the storage labels are what you need for sure. These will allow you to place color coded item specific stickers on bins, corrugated boxes and envelopes. Go ahead and minimize and store items such as holiday decorations, shoes, toys, books and clothing.

    Having garage sale? We provide a 6 pack mix of bright fluorescent colors for specific price points. Place these on pretty much anything (maybe not antiques) including clothing. Garage sale price stickers from .25 cents all the way up to $20.00 as well as "write your own price". You receive 336 total stickers in a pack.

    Need to keep up with important events? We have great calendar stickers which are color coded and shows icons for quick visual reminders. There are 10 sheets which have a total of 1,140 small peel and stick labels.

  • School Teachers

    Stickers for School Teachers

    We work with many schools and school teachers. We have listened to the needs and wants from all of our great teachers and put this page together full of useful stickers for teachers. We have single items as well as small bulk packs of these school supplies stickers that are all ready to ship today.

    We have hearts, smiley faces and star stickers for grading papers, award charts and special occasions. The neat thing is that these school supply stickers will also adhere to clothing. So go ahead and give a student smiley face sticker to wear on their t-shirt. The stickers have a clothing friendly back adhesive that will not leave residue.

    We have found that teachers prefer color coding dot stickers on sheets. You might not need 1,000 on a roll so sheets are perfect for the quantity as well as simple peel and stick right from the sheet. Use these color coding labels to code library books, mark calendars, desks, groups and more.

    We also have day of the week, numbers and month labels for schools who might want to pass some out to their classrooms. If you are the secretary of the school, you know how important having visitor stickers can be. Choose from several designs and sizes. Again, these have a clothing safe adhesive so no worries!

    Order these stickers for teachers today before 1:00 PM M-F and we will ship the same day. Free ground shipping within the continental US if order is $50.00 or more. Anything less would be just $5.99 to ship. Let us know if we can answer any questions. Having a holiday classroom party? We also have seasonal fun stickers.

  • Visitor Stickers

    Visitor Stickers

    Visitor stickers are pre-printed, stocked and ready to ship. These name tag labels are perfect for schools and businesses to hand to visitors who are there to visit the school, office or warehouse.

    The great thing is that these visitor stickers are made with apparel safe adhesive and will not harm clothing when removed. We have five different styles all 3.5 x 2.5 inches except for our round 1.5 inch fluorescent red with a smiley face. The other four adhesive name badge designs are made of a semi gloss paper. We use eco-friendly ink for the print design.

    There are 500 visitor labels on each roll; we do however add a few extra too. You are able to write on these name tag labels using a permanent sharpie pen or sharpie marker. If you would like to test one of our adhesive name badges out, let us know and we will be glad to mail you a sample. If you are a school teacher, make sure to check out our teacher stickers page.

    • We are the manufacturer
    • Same day ship (if placed before 1:00 MST M-F)
    • Free ground shipping on orders $50.00 or more (within the continental U.S.A)
    • Quantity price discounts for roll orders five or more (can mix and match any labels we offer).
  • Blank Natural Brown Kraft Stickers

    Blank Natural Brown Kraft Stickers

    Brown Kraft paper, similar in texture to brown paper grocery bags, is ideal for making natural brown sticker labels, and we have those labels here in seven different sizes from 1/2” diameter to 3” diameter blank adhesive labels. We also offer hearts in 1/2", 3/4" and 1.5".

    These brown Kraft labels serve a variety of uses, including for scrap-booking, arts and crafts, envelope seals and custom-marking your handmade products. These Kraft paper stickers are easy to write on using a pen or marker. These stickers have a clothing-safe adhesive backing that won't harm the surface to which they're affixed and can also be removed, readjusted or reapplied if desired.

    These blank adhesive labels come in rolls of 500 for all sizes except the 1/2” circles and hearts, which each come in rolls of 1,000.

  • I Voted Stickers

    I Voted Stickers

    Need "I Voted" stickers? We have you covered. These adhesive labels can be seen by others as a symbol of civic pride. They can also encourage others to get out and vote. Some counties mail these out to voters and some pass them out at the voting booth. Our voting stickers fly off of our shelves and we are told that voters rush to the table to get their "badge of honor" right away.

    We have also been told that older voters are especially fond of voting stickers, but the youth is catching up fast. Social media has given all voters a platform to show their patriotic pride. There are now more hashtags than one can keep up with.

    Choose from several designs and sizes of our "I Voted" stickers for sale below. You can add several rolls to your cart and receive a quantity discount at checkout. We offer free ground shipping within the continental United States on orders $50.00 or more. Order before 1:00 MST M-F and we will ship the same day. Let us know if we can answer any questions.

  • Shooting Targets

    Adhesive Shooting Targets

    If you are looking for shooting target stickers that are simple to apply and use, look no further. We’ve created eight different colors in 3" round target sizes for you to practice your aim on. We also have two colors in our 4" round sizes and one in our 6" targets. Scroll down to view the different colored targets.

    These adhesive targets for shooting are made with either semigloss or fluorescent matte material. The bright fluorescent colors do not glow in the dark but can be easily seen in daylight to give you a clear target. Our shooting range target stickers have a strong adhesive backing and are made to stick to metal, plastic, wood and other flat surfaces. They come on a roll and are easy to peel and stick.

    Our shooting target stickers have been used by many and our customers continue to come back for more. Those who are used to using the shoot nc targets will love ours. We also have target pasters if needed.

    The target sizes and number per roll are as follows:
    • 3" come with 100
    • 4" come with 50
    • 6" come with 50 plus 600 target pasters

  • Color Tape

    Color Tape

    Colored Sticker Tape is fabulous! These are great for any avid organizer or scrapbooker. We offer many different varieties of colored tape. These are similar to the common brand known as Washi Tape. On each roll of these tapes, you will get 25 yards which are quite a good deal for the price that you are paying.

    These are commonly used for packaging, organizing, scrapbooking, etc. These Colored Sticker Tapes are heavy duty and they are great for anything you wish to use them for. You can even write on the tape using a sharpie marker or any type of pen you would like although permanent type of markers are better. We offer many discounts if you purchase in bulk. Here are some of the other benefits that we offer:

    • We are the manufacturer (saves you money).
    • Same day ship (if order placed before 1:00 MST M-F).
    • Free ground shipping within U.S.A for orders $50.00 or more.
    • Quantity discounts on roll orders five or more (can mix and match)

    You will find many other labels on our website and we hope that you enjoy every other labels type that we offer. Send us an email if you would like more information or just need help with something. We are more than happy to help with anything that you would need.