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Clothing Size Stickers & Labels

We have the largest selection of preprinted clothing size labels and stickers in the world. Thousands of retail stores across the globe utilize them, and those stores rely on the quality of the adhesive stickers we make, because only the best materials go into the product. Our size labels for clothing use an apparel-safe adhesive that provides a strong yet removable adhesion. This allows you to readjust as needed and allows customers to remove the stickers without harming the garments.

Choose from colored-coded, clear or white backgrounds for our shirt size labels. Pant size stickers come in clear with white and black eco-friendly print for the design. If needed, we can send samples so you can test for yourself. Simply email us, and we will send one out for free.

We provide quantity discount pricing for multiple roll orders of five and above. This can be a mix and match of any of the labels we sell. Just add your choices to your cart and see how much you save at checkout. We ship your order the same day if received by 1 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.

  • Shoe Size Stickers

    Shoe Size Stickers

    We have shoe size stickers for retail shoe stores, thrift shops and garage sales. We have sizes 1 through 13 including half sizes and a blank shoe size label. They are made of a semi gloss paper and have a strong adhesive backing. They will stick well to the inside soles of the shoe. After purchase, simply remove the sticker with no residue left over.

    We have black/white as well as color coded shoe size labels. The colored labels are bright and easy to see. Each size has a specific color to help with a more visual customer browse.

    We found that the most popular label size in regards to diameter is 3/4 of an inch round. Retail shoe stores love this size because they fit well on kids shoes up to adults with large sizes. This keeps everything uniform for a nice display. Stores also place a matching size sticker on the box that shoes are stored in. This way customers can quickly identify the size they need, then match the shoes in case they get mixed up.

    Choose from a category below and please let us know if we can help in anyway. We would be glad to send samples for your store to test. We also have blank color coding stickers if needed.

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    • Quantity Discounts for 4 Rolls or more (can mix and match).
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