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Calendar Stickers
Calendar Event Reminder Stickers

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Calendar event stickers that help with important reminders. These are visual symbols that relay the important event info fast. We color code each event to help with a quick glance. There are 1,140 total adhesive calendar event stickers in a pack. You get 10 sheets in which each sheet has 114 stickers. The sheet size is 4.5" x 12" and the actual icons that you peel and stick are 1/2" x 1/2" square shape. Do note that the dotted line around the icons are just there to show where they are cut out.

These calendar reminder stickers help with planning and staying organized. Never miss a party, practice or dentist appointment again. Here are the important reminder icons you will receive:

Birthday/Party. Use these to reminder yourself of a family member or friends birthday. It also seconds as a party that you need to attend. And, if it is a birthday party.....well, you get the point. These are color coded pink with an image of a gift.

Date Night. Have a date with a loved one? An all important daddy/daughter dance? These purple labels show a white rose to help remind of that special evening.

No School. This is one that your kids will want to sneak all over the calendar. This will remind you that there is no school on a particular day. They are bright yellow with the image of a school bus.

Important. Saving the world on sometime in July? Maybe a family member is flying in from out of town that weekend. These orange stickers show a star to help with that reminder.

Groomer. Chelsea needs a haircut too! Miniature schnauzer's need grooming quite a bit. Put one of these "groomer" stickers on maybe twice a month. Tan colored with the logo of a puppy.

Vet. To stick with the furry friend theme, hair cuts are not the only thing they need. Place a green medical/paw print icon on this important vet visit check up date.

Doctor. These might be the least favorite of all the calendar reminder stickers. However, we can all agree that this is the most important one. They are color coded red with a medical doctor kit for the visual reminder.

Dentist. Ok, maybe it is the dentist which is the least favorite. Maybe the laughing gas helps ease the thought of having a tooth pulled. Place this blue icon of a tooth on those fun dates!

Haircut/Salon. Is it once a week, once a month? These purple icons that show a hairdryer will help remind you to up your supermodel status.

Pay Bill. Hey, we all of them right? Place these pay a bill reminder stickers on each day you owe somebody something. Hopefully you do not need them on every day of the month. These are orange and show an image of a pen/envelope.

Vacation. Now we are talking! The best one of them all on this calendar sheet. We use a tropical green color with some of the best palm trees we could find. Go ahead and place this on the day you head out to the Bahamas.

Eye Appointment. These are light blue with the image of some eye glasses. Now, if you can't see these particular stickers, it might be time to go ahead and place one of these stickers on the calendar tomorrow.

Practice. We talking about practice? Practice? Yep, if you have kiddos, you know all about these. It never seems to stop. We add extra ones to this sheet because we know you will need them. Go ahead and place these on every day of the week. They are teal colored with images of a trumpet, volleyball and football.

Urgent. Lets get serious for a moment. This image of a clock in light green says that something is time sensitive. Be there or be square.

Family Event. Ok, another one that might be the most important one on our calendar sheets. This green sticker symbolizes a family and lets you know that on this particular day everything else stops. Family first and time will be spent together that day.

We make these calendar reminder stickers in house at our facility in Salt Lake City, UT. If you are on the west coast, shipping takes 1-2 days. If you are on the east coast, give it 2-4 days. We do ship the same day if the order is placed before 1:00 PM Mountain Standard Time.

We offer quantity discounts, so feel free to add as many packs or other labels to your order and see how much you can save at checkout. Please let us know if there are any questions we can answer. Take a look at these as well to see all of your options.

  • 4.5" x 12" Sheets
  • 1/2" x 1/2" Square Icons
  • 114 Calendar Labels Per Sheet - 10 Sheets Per Pack - 1,140 Total Calendar Stickers
  • Each Icon Color Coded
  • Matte Paper
  • Eco-Friendly Color Coded Print
  • Good Adhesion
  • Sticks Well to Calendars/Reminder Note Books.

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