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Black Shiny Tamper Resistant Labels .5" x 1.5"
Black Shiny Tamper Resistant Labels .5" x 1.5"

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  • 500 on a Roll
  • Tamper Evident Labels for Food Delivery and Take Out Food
  • Tamper Evident Slits
  • .5" x 1.5" Inch Shape
  • Permanent Adhesive
  • Shiny Black Paper Material.
  • Easy Hand Apply
  • Ensures That Food Has Not Been Tampered With.
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Small tamper resistant stickers that are made of a black shiny type of paper material. It is a very sturdy material that also provides a slight holographic shine when moved around in the light. These are made to place on the openings of small product packaging, envelopes, important documents and more.

The size is 0.5” x 1.5” and is rectangular in shape. They have rounded corners so they are easy to peel by hand from the roll, then applied to the desired surface. Once applied, the adhesive will adhere strong. If someone tries to open the package, one of the 4 little slits in the label will tear completely, therefore showing that the product packaging has been tampered with. We call this “tamper evident” because the label becomes obviously evident that someone opened it.

These will stick well to most items such as poly bags, flexible packaging, boxes, envelopes, bottles, and more. There will not be any sticky residue left over. There are 500 tamper stickers on a roll. We do add a few extra to make up for the little sticker we use to hold the roll together. That sticker will take up at least one of the labels.

We make these and stock them here in the United States. Please let us know if we can answer any questions.

Quick Reference Points:

* Tamper Evident: There are 4 slits that go across the entire label. If someone tries to remove this sticker from product packaging, envelopes, or other important documentation, there will be an obvious tear which can’t be corrected. This will let you or customers know the product has been tampered with. There are 500 on each roll.

* Black Shiny Material: The material used to make these tamper resistant labels is a holographic paper. They have a shiny reflective shine to them which also makes them very noticeable. This material will hold up well, even when there are some water drops that hit them. The paper is sturdy and the round corner edges make it easy to peel from the roll and apply by hand.

*Strong Adhesive: Permanent adhesive that is very strong when placed on most flat surfaces such as plastic, metal, wood, rubber, cardboard, and much more. These are easy to peel from the roll by hand and apply. Once applied the tamper evident sets in. No way to remove these without tearing a part of the sticker.

* Perfect Size: These tamper evident labels measure at 0.5” x 1.5” inches in a rectangular shape. They are small and work well on envelopes and smaller product packaging. They are not too big where they would end up making a scene and taking away from the actual product.

* Made in the USA: We make these here in our facility in the United States. If you are not happy with these for any reason, let us know and we will make sure to correct the problem. We are sure these will work well for you.

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