Meet The Team

The InStockLabels Team

Matt Sherry
Directs the efforts of the team.  Likes to think he is in charge, but most people here know he's not.

Scott Opfar
Ensures the operations for the production of your labels runs smoothly.

Tyson Miller
Heads up our team that works with other e-platforms selling our product.  He's a jack of all trades.

Becky Atkinson
Handles the inventory for our 4,000 + products making sure everything is in stock for when you order it.

Eric Nelson
Ever heard of an Amazon SEO Engineer, well, we have our very own.

Tiffany Hollingsworth

Orchestrates and streamlines the awesome customer service you are going to receive. 

Ryan Hollingsworth

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.  And a whole lot of in between. 

Angela Deniston

From designing art proofs to making customers feel important and everything in between. 

Sela Toki

When it comes to kindness, she is front and center.  You are in good hands when you call in with questions or to place an order.