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Food Allergy Warning Labels

For the family-owned eatery, international restaurants and food suppliers, we have food allergy stickers that give your customers a clear indicator of the possible food allergies contained in the product. These food allergy warning labels keep you transparent and trustworthy and help to prevent harmful situations arising from allergic reactions to food consumption.

Our online selection contains a wide variety of food allergy warning stickers to choose from, including those indicating dairy, shellfish, soy and wheat. These allergy stickers come in rolls of 500 and are made using bold colors that stand out so that they are easily visible and readable.

Shop with us at InStockLabels.com for U.S. made allergy labels and stickers that are created using the highest-quality materials. Be sure to take advantage of our bulk discounts when you mix and match rolls together!

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  • Round Food Allergy Labels

    Round Food Allergy Warning Labels

    To help parallel the safety that FALCPA provides, we have round allergy labels to warn of potential food allergens. These food allergy warning stickers can be placed on food packaging, corrugated boxes that are being shipped to restaurants, placed on shelves at school cafeterias. Parents can places these on children's backpacks and lunch kits to warn of food allergies that the child might have.

    Below is a list of all of our round designs for food allergy warning stickers.
    All of them are made with an environmentally friendly ink for the print. Our 1.25 inch round allergy labels are made of semi gloss. There are the color coded styles and then the "go green" designs. There are also 1.5" inch round which some are made of semi gloss and others of a bright true fluorescent matte paper. All have a standard permanent adhesive. This means they will stick on strong with no worries of them falling off.

    If you are a parent and have a child going on a field trip with their school, you can place on of these allergy stickers on their shirt. The adhesive we use is made to stay on strong, yet remove from apparel with no problem. If you would like a sample of one of these labels, we would be glad to mail one out to you for free. Just let us know where we can send one.

    • 500 Labels on Each Roll (We do add a few extra)
    • 1.25" and 1.5"
    • Eco-Friendly Printing ink
    • Strong Adhesive backing
    • We are the Manufacturer and we are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    • Same Day ship (if order is placed before 1:00 PM MST M-F)
    • Automatic Quantity Discounts (for five or more rolls)
    • Order $50 or more and we will ship your order per free ground shipping within the continental USA.

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