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3 Inch Round Coding Labels

These color coding 3 inch round labels are in semi gloss, fluorescent and shiny metallic colors. We use environmentally friendly inks for the color print. We have 25 semi gloss colored labels, 5 fluorescent colors and 7 metallic colors.

You are able to write on all of these circle sticker labels using a sharpie. They all have a glossy texture to them except for the fluorescent stickers. Those are made of a matte paper and you are able to write on them with a pen, pencil or sharpie.

The adhesive is a standard permanent. This means that these circle sticker labels will adhere strongly and are not really meant to be remove. It can be done but might leave residue. The larger the permanent adhesive label, the stronger they will hold.

There are 500 stickers on a roll. We do add some extra to help out as well. These color labels come on a roll which are easy to peel off one by one and apply them to most flat surfaces such as boxes, rubber bins, plastic storage's etc. You can also use a label applicator to apply the stickers. These rolls use a 3 inch core. The semi gloss have a cold temp adhesive, making these able to withstand extreme cold temps for use in freezer storage.

We do have 4 inch round color coding labels if needed. We are the manufacturer and keep these in stock, ready to ship. We can also make any custom created labels that you might need. Let us know if we can help.