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Solid Colors

We have 40 different solid colors of color code labels to choose from. We have separated these out to "warm" and "cool" colors. You can check out our color wheel below.

We call these our "solid colors" because they are one solid color on semi gloss paper. We do have others colors such as polka dot labels and camo colors. But these solid colors are our most popular due to the vast amount of industries that use them for specific color coding projects. Everyone from school teachers for class projects to large manufactures that inventory warehouse products.

We are the manufacture and make these right here in the United States. We create the labels using an eco-friendly water based ink. This helps the environment a bit and we love getting behind that.

We might just be the largest label provider for the amount of colors we offer. If you count the different designs and styles, we have over 100 different colors to choose from.

These particular colors are again made on a semi gloss paper and the size is 3/4" of an inch in diameter (or 0.75" round). To give you an idea, this would be the exact size of a penny. There are 500 stickers on a roll per color. We do add a few extra as well. Choose from the warm or cool colors below to see the list.

Warm and Cool Colors
  • Cool Colors

    Cool Colors

    Cool colors are calming tones that sooth the mind. The light colors help make spaces bigger
    and brighten up a room. Think of cool colors as calming blue ocean water. Sometimes it's hard to well between warn and cool colors. This happens on two ends of the spectrum; when pink starts to become red and when green starts to turn into yellow.

    Below are our 3/4" inch diameter cool color code labels in solid colors. The blues, purples, pinks and greens. We did had grey, white and black to both warm and cool categories as they are considered neutrals.

    We make these stickers using eco-friendly water based inks for the colors. We flood-coat the ink over a semi gloss paper. These are not meant to get wet, however, the slight gloss adds a layer of protection for a little bit of water.

    Each roll/color includes 500 labels. We do add about 20 extra to make up for the sticker we use to hold the roll together with. If you need a sample, let us know and we would be glad to send one out free of charge.

    Why Use Us?

    • We are the manufacturer
    • We have more colors to choose from than anyone else
    • We ship same day (before 1:00 pm MST M-F)
    • We provide quantity roll discounts starting at five rolls.
    Choose from our warm colors as well.
  • Warm Colors

    Warm Colors

    Looking for warm colors for color coding projects? Below you will find twenty different warm colors and one roll of mixed colors. Warm colors are hues that remind us of fire, sunshine such as a bright sunny day with rays beaming down. These would be yellows, oranges, reds and browns. Greens can be either warm or cool depending on the shade. A very light green would be considered more on the warm side because of it having more of a yellowish tone. The darker green would be more on the cool side because it has blue tones to it.

    The warm colors below are 3/4 of an inch round. These would be the same size as a penny. There are 500 stickers on each roll and are easy to peel by hand and apply to most anything. They do have what we call a standard permanent adhesive, however they will remove with enough tug if needed. If you would like to test one out, let us know and we will send a sample out.

    The ink we use is environmentally safe and the color is printed on a light gloss paper. These labels can be written on using a permanent sharpie marker or sharpie pen.

    Why Us?

    • We are the manufacturer (American made)
    • We have more colors to choose from than anyone else
    • We ship same day (before 1:00 pm MST M-F)
    • We provide quantity roll discounts starting at five rolls.
    Choose from our cool colors as well.