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3/4 Inch Color Coding Labels

We have 3/4 inch round labels in many colors and materials. Teachers love them to color code bins or books, offices use them for file folders and manufacturers use them for inventory. The truth is, colors are a universal language and are used for many projects around the world. This size would be our most popular.

Choose any of these small color coding dot labels below out of semi gloss, holographic, metallic, polka dots, transparent, natural kraft and fluorescent materials. We also have a "removable" adhesive, which is perfect for temporary projects. The rest of these are what you would call standard permanent adhesive. This does not mean they will not ever come off. It just means the adhesive is strong and could leave residue if peeled off of glass or some flat surfaces for long periods of time. They are however apparel safe and will not leave residue if removed. We also use environmentally friendly inks for print.

There are 500 small color coding labels on each roll. We do add a few extra in case you have a project that requires an exact amount. The exception to this would be the labels on sheets. There are 10 sheets of each color with 28 on each sheet for a total of 280 labels. We also have variety packs.

We would be glad to send samples if needed. We are the manufacturer and keep these stocked on our shelves, ready for immediate delivery. Please let us know if we can help in any way. Make sure to check out the other label sizes we carry.

  • 3/4" Solid Colors

    Solid Colors

    We have 40 different solid colors of color code labels to choose from. We have separated these out to "warm" and "cool" colors. You can check out our color wheel below.

    We call these our "solid colors" because they are one solid color on semi gloss paper. We do have others colors such as polka dot labels and camo colors. But these solid colors are our most popular due to the vast amount of industries that use them for specific color coding projects. Everyone from school teachers for class projects to large manufactures that inventory warehouse products.

    We are the manufacture and make these right here in the United States. We create the labels using an eco-friendly water based ink. This helps the environment a bit and we love getting behind that.

    We might just be the largest label provider for the amount of colors we offer. If you count the different designs and styles, we have over 100 different colors to choose from.

    These particular colors are again made on a semi gloss paper and the size is 3/4" of an inch in diameter (or 0.75" round). To give you an idea, this would be the exact size of a penny. There are 500 stickers on a roll per color. We do add a few extra as well. Choose from the warm or cool colors below to see the list.

    Warm and Cool Colors
  • 3/4" Inch Weather-Resistant

    Small 3/4" Inch Weather-resistant Color Code Labels

    These are small weather-resistant color coding dot stickers in a 0.75" round size. We currently have 9 colors to choose from which are; white, black, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and red. These are very vibrant colors that stand out and are easy to see. These are considered to be weather-resistant because of the polypropylene BOPP material and the extra coat of lamination we apply. These hold up well in most any condition from really cold to really warm. They will even ward off water spills or heavy rain.

    Many warehouses use these to apply to metal shelving or in areas that have a lot of wear and tear. These are great for inventory for corrugated boxes. You are able to write on these using a sharpie pen or sharpie marker. A regular pen will not work because of the high gloss lamination coating.

    These weatherproof labels have a standard permanent adhesive backing and will adhere to most any flat surface. Make sure to clear any dust or dirt before applying. You can apply by hand or an automatic label applicator for larger projects.

    There are 500 on each roll and the 3/4" inch sticker is the exact size of a US penny. We do have 1" inch weatherproof labels as well if needed.

    Why Us?

    • We are the manufacturer (Save money)
    • Same day ship (1 PM MST M-F)
    • Free ground shipping for orders over $25.00 (within the Continental United States)
    • Automatic quantity discounts (at checkout)
    • Awesome customer service!

  • 3/4" Metallic Colors

    3/4" Metallic Envelope Seal Stickers

    Metallic colored dot stickers are 3/4" of an inch round. To give an idea, they are the exact size of a penny. The material starts out as a shiny silver foil paper. We then flood-coat the silver foil with eco-friendly water based inks. The ink is totally dry, so no worry on inks rubbing off. Perfect to customize envelope seals.

    You are able to use a sharpie to write on these with. The foil material has a reflective look when moved around in the light. This is great if using to apply to Christmas gifts under the tree. The light from the tree make the stickers really stand out.

    We currently have metallic choices in gold, silver, bronze, green, purple, rose and blue. You can choose one color per roll or our bulk pack (below).

    There are 500 sticker dots on a roll but we do add about 10-15 extra as well. The adhesive is strong for things such as walls, presents, envelopes, crafts and boxes. These are also made with an apparel safe adhesive which means they will not harm clothing such as t shirts or sweaters when removed.

    We make these right here in the United States. We are the manufacturer and have them on our shelves ready to ship. If you place an order before 1:00 PM (MST) M - F, we can ship the same day. We also ship free via ground in the U.S.A. for orders $75.00 or more.

    We also have a ton of: Solid Colors | Holographic Colors | Fluorescent Colors | Polka Dot Colors and
    See Through Colors
  • 3/4" Removable Colors

    Removable Color coding Labels

    Removable color coding labels made of solid colors. We currently have 11 colors that have a true removable adhesive backing. Place these on anything from glass, laptops and bins to paper and t shirts. Simply peel when done and they remove with ease, or you can just re-adjust and place in a new spot.

    All of these removable colored labels come on a semi gloss paper material. We flood-coat the paper with an eco-friendly colored ink. The current colors for removable that we have are: white, black orange, purple, hot pink, brown, red, yellow, green, blue and pink. These are some of the most requested colors from customers. Therefore we started with these. We will be creating more colors in the near future.

    If you need to test the adhesive, let us know and we would be glad to mail you a sample free of charge. These labels can be written on using a permanent sharpie marker. We do not suggest a pen because of the slight gloss. This gloss though helps the labels maintain color and durability.

    We also have these in a permanent adhesive if needed.

    Why us?

    • We are the manufacturer. Save money!
    • We ship the same day you order (before 1:00 PM MST M-F).
    • Free ground shipping within US for orders $50.00 or more.
    • Top quality removable adhesive and material (eco-friendly print).
    • Quantity discounts for rolls five or more (mix of any labels)
    • No hassle returns within 30 days.

The great thing is that we are the manufacturer and print these right here in the United States. There is no middle man to go through, therefore saving you a lot of money and time. We have a no hassle return policy too. Just return unused labels back to us within 30 days and we will provide a full refund.

We offer quantity discounts on roll orders five or more. This can be any of the labels we offer on our website. You can mix and match for example 3 rolls of color coding labels and then add a couple of rolls of stars to get the discount. The more you order, the more you will save. You can always check how much you save after updating your cart.

If you order before 1:00 PM MST Monday through Friday, we will ship your order the same day. We ship from Utah so customers on the west coast typically receive within a day or two. Customers on the east coast normally receive orders within 3 days. Let us know if you have any questions and we will be glad to help.

We provide free ground shipping within the United States for orders $75.00 or more. Anything less than that would be $5.99 flat rate.