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2 Inch Round Code Labels

We have 2 inch round color code labels in three different materials. Choose between solid semi gloss, fluorescent or shiny metallic colors for these color circle stickers. We also have a natural brown kraft round label stickers stock (in solid colors). Click on a category below to see all the colors.

There are 500 round label stickers per color on each roll. We do add about 10 or so to the roll in case you have a specific project. We use 3 inch middle cores to hold the roll together with. You can hand apply or use a label applicator.

We use eco-friendly water based inks for the colored print on all our 2 inch round labels. The adhesive is a standard permanent and will adhere to most flat surfaces with no problem. The semi gloss solid colors are also made with a cold temp adhesive. This means they will not fall off in extreme cold temps such as in freezer storage. This is useful for those who have food inventory are storing/hauling anything cold. We have 26 unique colors for these. Our next size up is our 2.5 inch round colored labels.

The fluorescent paper stock is a bright neon matte paper. We currently have 6 colors which are pink, yellow, orange, red and green. We have a lot of customers that purchase these for adhesive shooting targets (or target pasters). They don't glow in the dark but are visible at long distances.

Our metallic 2 inch round labels are super cool! They have a reflective shine to them when in or around light. Warehouses use them on shelving as they are easy to locate while walking the isles. These round sticker labels also make for great package decorations for Christmas presents or use them for crafting. We have 7 neat colors. Please let us know if you need a sample or if we can answer any questions.