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2.5 Inch Round Code Labels

We have 19 different colors for our 2.5 inch round labels. You can write on all of these using a sharpie. We use environmentally friend water based inks for the colored print on these color coding round sticker labels. This is for our semi gloss solid colored labels. The fluorescent and the brown natural kraft are already colored paper.

For semi gloss, we have white, grey, black, brown, hot orange, red, blue, purple, yellow, hot yellow teal, hot green and light green.

For fluorescent we have green, orange, yellow, pink and red. Do note that the red looks a bit like dark or bright orange. This is just the universal colored paper for fluorescent red.

There are 500 color coding round sticker labels on each roll. We do add some extra to help out as well. If you need a larger size, we do offer the 3 inch round colored labels. Let us know if you need a sample of any of our labels. We would be glad to send one out for you to test color and or size on a specific project you are working on. We are the manufacturer and keep these in stock at our facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Use these for inventory in a warehouse or for projects at school, crafting etc. Teachers use these to color code book shelves, We have great reviews on these and one of our most popular sizes.