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1 Inch Colored Dot Stickers

These are our color coding 1 inch round labels. We have many colors to choose from including 5 different materials. These include semi gloss, natural kraft, fluorescent, holographic, metallic and see through transparent colors.

All of these come on rolls of 500 except for our sheeted color coding dot labels. Those have 200 in a pack.

We use an eco-friendly ink for the print color on these 1 inch round labels. The back adhesive is a standard permanent. This just means they will hold on strong. They stick well to corrugated boxes, metal, plastic, rubber and paper charts.

You can also use these for school field trips by applying them to t shirts. This way it is easy to keep certain groups together. The adhesive is apparel friendly and will not harm the clothing when removed. You are able to write on these with a sharpie.

The transparent color coding dot stickers are awesome for applying to product packaging. You can still see the important information written underneath while still color coding for inventory or other purposes.

The fluorescent stickers are bright and made with fluorescent paper. No, they are not glow in the dark but very easy to see from long distances.

Hologram and metallic labels have a reflective shine to them. These are useful are in lower lit areas. Simply shine a flashlight to locate the inventory needed. This is just an example. We have crafters who use them for special projects as well.

We would be glad to send samples of these 1 inch round labels if needed. Let us know if you have any questions, we would be glad to help. The next size up that we offer is 1.25 inch colored labels.