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Industrial Warehouse Labels

Industrial Warehouse Sticker Labels

Keeping your warehouse labeled and organized is simple and effective with warehouse sticker labels from us at InStockLabels. We have labels that indicate quality control tested, shipment status, package ready and more. Whether you’re a small-business owner needing warehouse labels for a small inventory or you manage multiple large warehouses, we have the labeling supplies you need.

Our warehouse stickers are available in a number of different finishes, including semigloss and fluorescent matte. The adhesive used is standard permanent for a lasting stick to a wide variety of surfaces, like plastic, rubber and metal. The warehouse rolls come in a standard pack of 500 per roll and can be mixed and matched with other types of rolls to qualify for our free shipping on orders over $75.

Shop with us at InStockLabels for all your warehouse sticker and labeling needs. We create and manufacture our labels in the United States and strive to bring you a quality product that you can rely on. Feel free to contact us at 888-407-5001 with any questions related to our inventory or needed recommendations!

  • Made In

    Made In Stickers

    We're proud to provide American-made products to our customers. Whether you're from the USA, Canada or Mexico, we carry the right country-of-origin stickers or "made in" labels for you. Our "Made in USA" stickers come in a few different design choices and sizes. Low gloss or high gloss, whatever look you need, we have it. Our water-based sticker ink is environmentally friendly, and the labels are extremely easy to peel off the roll. Applying these labels with an applicator tool or by hand is equally simple.

    Every single order we process is made in the United States and shipped with speed and accuracy right to your doorstep. We are dedicated to supplying the highest-quality products at the lowest possible price for our customers. Need a custom label roll? Shoot us a message and we'll get the job done.

  • Inventory Labels

    Warehouse Inventory Control Labels

    Warehouse inventory labels have many uses, and we offer a wide selection of these various inventory label stickers. Unlike many of our removable, adjustable stickers, we use a standard, permanent adhesive for these inventory labels. They adhere well to just about any surface, including corrugated cardboard, glass, metal, plastic and many fabrics. These inventory stickers include inventory control labels, inventory testing stickers, tested, accepted, QC approval, QC rejected stickers and more. These make inventorying and warehousing easier, more straightforward and, in some cases, safer, thanks to labels such as HOT, Do Not Use and Hold for Inspection. Other commonly used (and needed) labels include tested stickers, inspected by stickers, packing slip enclosed, return to vendor, out of stock, use first and use last. Stickers come 500 to a roll.

  • Shipping Labels

    Shipping Label Stickers

    Communication throughout the shipping process is a huge necessity. Shipping stickers are the easiest way to make sure all products are transferred in the proper manner. We have shipping label stickers for just about every message, printed on various eye-catching colors.

    Our eco-friendly ink is used on all of these stickers and the critical messages on these labels won't smear off. Although we carry just about every shipping label a company would need, we do realize some customers require custom stickers. If you'd like a custom quote for specific labels, fill out this quote form. We're happy to offer bulk solutions at competitive prices.

  • Quality Control Stickers

    Quality Control Stickers

    We have several quality control labels to choose from in four different sizes. These QC stickers are good for making sure your products are tested and approved (or rejected) before they ship out.

    We use a standard permanent adhesive on all of these labels. These will stick well to almost any surface including packing, boxes, metal, charts, poly bags and paperwork. The stickers are made of a semi gloss paper material. They are not waterproof.

    We keep all of these in stock and have them ready for immediate delivery. We do offer quantity discounts at checkout for all of the labels we offer throughout the website. Let us know if you have any questions.