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1/2" Small Colored Dot Stickers

We have a huge selection of colored dot stickers. 65 colors to choose from which includes semi gloss paper, metallic, fluorescent, transparent and polka dot stickers. There are 1,000 dot stickers on each roll. We actually put about 50 extra to make up for the label we hold the roll together with.

These color coding labels are very small. You can fit one in a dime and still have room. They are great for inventory purposes such as charts, product packaging and shipping/receiving. Also wonderful for teachers and librarians that use for games and books.

Our dot stickers start at $3.99 but we do provide quantity discounts which can make these rolls even cheaper. Quantity discounts show up at checkout and will let you know how much you saved.

We do have other sizes to choose from: 1/4" Dot Stickers | 3/4" Colored Labels | 1" Colored Dots just to name a few.

Made in USA: We are the manufacturer and ship the same day if order is placed before 1:00 PM MST (M-F).

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  • 1/2" Solid Colors

    1/2" Color Coding Dots

    Below are our 1/2" round solid color coding dot stickers. There are 1,000 stickers on each roll but we do put a few extra to make up for the labels that we hold the roll together with. These labels are very small, measuring at 0.5" inches round. We have a comparison below that shows the size next to a U.S. penny.

    We have 32 of these solid colors in stock, ready to ship. As you see below, we have some different color variations. An example would be yellow, hot yellow or fluorescent yellow. Under the product description we provide the exact pantone color match. This is helpful if you are trying to find the exact color for your project.

    On this page we display three different materials. One of them is a semi gloss paper. These start out as a light glossed white paper in which we then tint with specific pantone water based inks. You can write on these with a sharpie. A pen will be a little tough because of the slight semi gloss.

    The second one is a fluorescent matte paper. These need no additional inks as they come pre-prepared as a fluorescent color. The colored paper does not glow in the dark but they are easy to see in daylight.

    The last one we have is a natural brown kraft paper. This is a thicker paper material and comes exactly as stated. These are perfect for box cover ups, crafts and other projects.

    All of these stickers below are made with a strong adhesive. However, because they are so small, they can remove or be re-adjusted.

    We are the manufacture and have these labels ready to ship. You can mix and match any rolls of labels to receive quantity discounts. Just add rolls to the cart and discounts will automatically be provided. If you have any questions, please let us know.

    small color coding dot stickers

    You can also choose from some of our others 1/2" dots: Metallic/Holographic | Polka Dot | Transparent | Bulk Packs

  • 1/2" Polka Dot Stickers

    1/2" Small Polka Dot Stickers

    Polka dot stickers are great for all kinds of projects such as crafts, scrap-booking, holiday gift wrap design and inventory purposes. We have 19 different colors of these adhesive labels to choose from.

    Each roll/design has 1,000 small 1/2" round color coding labels. They have a re-adjustable back adhesive which makes it easy to remove if needed. However, the adhesive is strong and they stick well to most flat surfaces. They are also apparel safe. You can apply them to fabric and clothing with no harm to the material once pulled off.

    We make these dot stickers in house and keep them ready to ship out right away. Make sure to take advantage of our free shipping on orders $75.00 to $250.00. Also, we provide quantity discounts on all of our labels. Discount provided at checkout.

    We also have solid colors of dot stickers if needed.


    • 1,000 Per Roll
    • 1/2" in Diameter
    • Re-adjustable adhesive
    • Semi Gloss Paper
    • Eco-Friendly Print
    • 19 Colors to Choose From
  • 1/2" Transparent Color Dots

    1/2" Transparent Colored Dot Stickers

    Small half inch round see through color labels are really neat. They color code all while not covering up important information such as product info, warnings etc. These transparent colored labels are very small. They measure at 0.5" inch in diameter. These are very small and will fit inside a dime with room to spare.

    There are 1,000 of these clear dot stickers on a roll. They are easy to peel and stick to charts, product packaging, boxes, graded papers for teachers and the list goes on. They are made of a clear bopp material and coated with an eco-friendly ink. We also have other 1/2" color coding dots
    to choose from.

  • 1/2" Bulk Packs

    1/2" Colored Dot Stickers Bulk Packs

    Over the years of orders, we have put together some of the best selling colored dot stickers in bulk packs. We will continue working on more. Below you will find ready to go bulk packs for our 1/2" round color labels. 1/2" is very small.

    We put 1,000 colored dot stickers on each roll. We even add about 20 extra per roll just to help out. Labels can be peeled and applied by hand or you can use a label applicator. Our 1/2" labels use a 1" core and we put two labels side by side (2 up) on a roll.

    Because these labels are so small, you can re-adjust them as needed on most flat surfaces. We also use an apparel friendly adhesive, meaning you can apply to clothing without harming them.

    We also have just single rolls of 1/2" round labels if you need those.

    We make these dot stickers here in the U.S.A. and keep them in stock. If you place your order before 1:00 PM MST M - F, we can ship the same day. Make sure you take advantage of our
    free ground shipping within the U.S. for orders $75.00 to $250.00