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Sticker Labels for Color Coding

We have a near limitless supply of color-coding labels to choose from (see sizes above). With 65 colors to choose from, including semigloss, fluorescent, metallic, holographic and transparent, we are certain to have something to satisfy your needs. Our color-coded label rolls come in 20 different sizes and styles, like round dot stickers, square, rectangle and oval.

The color-coded stickers in our online store are made using eco-friendly ink for the print for an environmentally friendly finish. The quality materials used for the creation of the adhesive means that the larger the label sticker, the stronger it sticks. Our tiny 1/4" dots stick well but are more easily removed due to their small size. The large 4" round labels are more difficult to remove from a flat surface and make for great permanent labels.

We provide the Pantone color in the description of the labels, which is helpful when trying to match something perfectly for a project. If you are trying to expertly color match something, please refer to the Pantone colors we list in the product description. Computer monitors might misconstrue the colors of our stickers.

We provide quantity discounts for multiple roll orders. You can choose any labels that we offer to mix and match. We also provide free ground shipping within the United States for orders of $75 or more. Feel free to reach out to us at 888-407-5001 for a free sample of what our sticker labels have to offer.

  • 1/4" Round

    1/4" Small Colored Dot Stickers

    Very small color dot stickers. These are 1/4" (quarter of an inch) in diameter. They are so small we have to print these on sheets. On the single colors there are 960 colored dots on each sheet. You get 10 sheets. We also have combo packs available. If you need to test these out, let us know and we would be glad to send a sample of a few dots. You can also see a comparison of a 1/4" dot next to a penny in the image below.

    We have 25 different colors which range in three different paper materials. We have semi gloss, shiny metallic and a fluorescent matte paper. The fluorescent does not glow in the dark but it is easy to see. The metallic labels have a nice shine to them and reflect as you move around them. They are simple to peel from the sheet and apply by hand. You can use a sharpie pen to write on these if needed.

    These sheets are small 3 x 6" in size and are not suitable for placing in a laser printing machine. We do have rolls for the next size up which are these 1/2" dot stickers.

    Use these colored dot stickers for maps, charts, library books, color code pantry items and warehouse inventory. School teachers find these really usefull for so many aspects of the classroom. If you are a DYI type of person, the crafts are endless.

    We are the manufacturer and ship same day if you place order before 1:00 PM Mountain Standard Time M-F. Made in USA. Free shipping within the United States on orders $75.00 or more. Or receive a flat rate $5.99 ship cost for orders under $75.00.

    Quantity Discounts. Mix and match any labels we sell and receive various quantity discounts. Discounts will show up at checkout.

    Tiny Map Dot Stickers

  • 1/2" Round

    1/2" Small Colored Dot Stickers

    We have a huge selection of colored dot stickers. 65 colors to choose from which includes semi gloss paper, metallic, fluorescent, transparent, kraft and polka dot stickers. There are 1,000 dot stickers on each roll. We actually put about 50 extra to make up for the label we hold the roll together with. We now also have color coding dots on sheets in various colors. You get 10 sheets with a total of 300 for one color.

    These color coding labels are very small. You can fit one in a dime and still have room. They are great for inventory purposes such as charts, product packaging and shipping/receiving. Also wonderful for teachers and librarians that use for games and books.

    We use eco-friendly water based inks for print. The adhesive is a strong yet re-adjustable adhesive. This means that you are able to place these on most flat surfaces, including t shirts and remove them when needed. They are technically created with what you call an industry standard permanent adhesive. but because they are so small, they adhere well and can be pulled off with no residue left over.

    Our dot stickers start at $4.49 but we do provide quantity discounts which can make these rolls even cheaper. These show up at checkout and will let you know how much you saved. Make sure to click on one of the categories below to see all the colors of that particular category we offer. We do offer quantity discount pricing starting at 4 rolls. You can mix and match any rolls of labels that we offer on our website.

    Other Round Sizes: 1/4 Inch | 3/4 Inch | 1 Inch | 1.5 Inch | 2 Inch | 2.5 Inch | 3 Inch | 4 Inch